So you've done your research, chose a breed, found the right breeder, picked from the litter, and brought your puppy what?

About Dog Training

Training a dog is a rewarding process that that spans not just the puppy years, but the lifetime of your best friend. It's more than just getting a dog to do what you want, it's about drasticly improving quality of life for both your pet, and your family.

The making of a good gundog for the home and field involves the owner just as much as the canine. Hiring a professional dog trainer isn't just for fixing problem dogs, it's for getting the dog and owner on the right track so problems don't happen in the first place! Even pros will seek the advice and help of other trainers.

Walt Noa has been training hunting (and house) dogs of all breeds for decdes, including professional guide dogs and competition champions. We have several diffent programs to fit all your dog training needs. 

Gundog Training

It's been said many times by many trainers "birds make the bird dog". At Black Duck we have the facilities, fields, tools, and birds to help your hunting buddy achieve his/her full potential. Specific curriculum varies based on breed, type of hunting, and owner goals. 

1.5 hour session including 2 pheasants: TBD for 2017

1.5 hour session including 2 Hungarian Partridge: $50

Obedience Training

Your pup doesn't have to be a hunter to benefit from formal training. We can teach obedience, manners, and fix undesired behaviors.
1.5 hour session: $25